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In addition to our valuable marketing kits, we offer a variety of professional services for spas and salons.

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 It begins with your brand.

It begins with your brand.

Brand Creation or Rebranding

$110/hour for Consult • Implementation bids are given per project depending on scope of work. (Average total cost range from $2,000 to $8,000.)

To tell your spa's story, you need to have a well crafted brand that reflects your culture and vibe. A delicate balance of creativity, technical know-how and market understanding goes into a brand style and content voice that will be best suited to your business while it holds up to the test of time and cross-platform usage. Never underestimate the power of a clear, properly used brand image!

We're available to work with you to create a style book you'll be proud of. Contact us and let us know your story.  

 Patti Rice, CEO/Owner The Spa ~ Los Gatos

Patti Rice, CEO/Owner The Spa ~ Los Gatos

On-Site Business Consultation

$3,500 for a three-day evaluation and consultation (travel and daily expense additional)

You've spent time and money at seminars and trainings. Are you ready for an expert to come directly to you?

Patti Rice, Co-owner of The Spa ~ Los Gatos (located in Los Gatos, California) since its inception in November, 1999, will first observe and then guide you to proven best practices for operations, accounting, salon and spa staff management, marketing, product and service sales, vendor relation, etc. — all specific to your business goals and challenges. She'll leave you with a structured spa marketing plan to implement, and follow up with three phone consults to make sure everything is going well or to help with any adaptations.

Patti's success as a spa owner is well validated. She has taken The Spa ~ Los Gatos successfully through several remodels, industry downturns, has an amazing staff retention rate and client loyalty, all  while earning many social and public awards. She is a true, working leader in the industry. This is an amazing opportunity for both spa owners and managers to have mentor-style training with one of the most well respected business women in the field today.

Limited bookings available.

 Don't leave that screen blank! Consistent and  high quality  social media content is essential.

Don't leave that screen blank! Consistent and high quality social media content is essential.

Social Media and Blogs

$295/month; includes eight social media (Facebook/Instagram) posts per month and one medium-length blog post.

Each month you will be emailed a document that includes all necessary information needed for easy and effective social media posts. This includes content, images, delivery dates, and where to put these thoughtful and engaging posts. This is the core social media strategy of what we encourage you to do as an effort to build a presence on online platforms that keeps you top of mind and aids with your overall SEO ranking. Your spa's name and vital branding info will be included — it's as easy as copy and paste, and you're done!

After a quick phone call to detail the services you offer and product focus, your posts will be created by a marketing pro — not someone who has never even been to a spa — so your content is spa-specific, smartly put together and aesthetically pleasing.